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Hair Tattoo

If you are experiencing hair loss and struggling with the concept of your new look, we have the solution for you! Hair loss can be very distressing for anyone, and even with the advanced technologies we have today, there is still no cure. The best solution for hair loss is what some people describe as a hair tattoo.

A hair tattoo is not exactly what you’d think. Our hair tattoo is called scalp micropigmentation. Like a traditional tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is done by depositing pigment into the skin to create an image. With a hair tattoo, the images created are tiny microdots; these microdots replicate the look of natural hair follicles, leaving you with a full head of hair.

Although sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is very different. With a traditional tattoo, a cluster of needles is attached to the machine and then deposits metal-based ink into the dermal layer of the skin. With a hair tattoo, a.k.a scalp micropigmentation, a particular machine with super fine needles is used. Hair tattoo machines use much fewer clusters than traditional tattoo machines. Sometimes just a single needle is used to implant pigment that is made from natural components, the main ingredient being a carbon base.

A hair tattoo is much more natural looking than traditional tattooing as it was explicitly designed to be.

Hair Tattoo Bristol

The Treatment Process

What To Expect


Email us with your initial enquiry, providing us with photos and any relevant information. ​You will then be booked in for a free consultation, where we will discuss the best possible treatment available for you.

Treatment One

Following on from your consultation, we will begin your scalp micropigmentation treatment by building your hairline and outlining all the sections that need work. Once confirmed and you are happy we would then proceed to match our pigment to your hair follicles. Then start the procedure that will last around 2-3 hours.

Treatment Two

Next, your second session will take place 10-14 days later where we will enhance the density creating the look of a fuller head of hair.

Treatment Three

Your third session will occur 28 days later where we assess any fading or touch ups that need to be finalised, leaving you with complete satisfaction and full of confidence!