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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

If your hair is thinning, you’re probably considering trying scalp micropigmentation. But you might be nervous to follow through with the procedure because you’re nervous it will hurt.

Unfortunately, scalp micropigmentation pain is subjective, so there’s no one way to answer this question. However, we’ll give you the best idea of what scalp micropigmentation pain is like in this guide.

Factors that Influence Scalp Micropigmentation Pain

Your Pain Threshold

Everyone’s individual pain threshold, or the point at which something starts to hurt, is different. This factor is based on a lot of things, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Genetics
  • Upbringing

Your head is an especially sensitive part of your body, too. For most people, any kind of head tattoo is going to at least be uncomfortable. The sensitivity levels will also change depending on the area of your scalp receiving micropigmentation treatment, with skin closer to your face being more sensitive.

Here’s a test: pinch your skin between the nails of your thumb and forefinger. That’s a good indicator of how painful it will be to tattoo that area.

The discomfort will be sustained, so you may even get used to it, which will mean it will be progressively less painful as the session goes on.

Stress And Anxiety

It’s been proven that stress and anxiety heavily contribute to your pain level. Being tense before and during this procedure can drastically increase your pain level.

How to Easy Scalp Micropigmentation Pain

Keep in mind that there are steps you and your artist can take to reduce any scalp micropigmentation pain.

Stay Distracted

Most pain is more bearable if you are distracted from what’s going on. You can use your phone, read a book, watch a video (the funnier the better), listen to music, or chat with a friend.

The important thing is that you aren’t thinking about your scalp micropigmentation. Learning and practicing breathing techniques can also help with any pain you might feel.

You can also ask for a break if you get overwhelmed.

Go to a Professional Studio

The studio you visit will also have tools to make your scalp micropigmentation experience as comfortable as possible. Reputable studios sanitize all equipment thoroughly to avoid infection, and numbing cream can be applied to your scalp to minimize any discomfort.

So Does It Hurt?

Scalp micropigmentation can hurt by the nature of being a tattoo, but it’s likely to be more uncomfortable than actually painful.

It’s important to remember that scalp micropigmentation artists are professionals. They have all the tools and training they need to make sure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible during the procedure, so relax, de-stress, make sure you’re prepared, and let them handle everything.

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