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Meet Liam Sawyer

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist & Trainer

In 2017, our owner ‘ Liam Sawyer ‘ began his research into the scalp micro pigmentation industry.

This is where he discovered the growing appetite for men and women searching for a solution for hair loss. Due to his own personal experience with hair loss, resulting in both psychological and physical insecurities, He invested in this rewarding treatment and has never looked back!

Therefore, it was only right to give something back that was once close to his heart and that is when Scalp Kings was incorporated.

We fully understand the overwhelming feelings that can occur when experiencing any type of hair loss. Consequently, Scalp Kings endeavours to ensure your experience will leave you with positive results, both physically and mentally.

Our mission today is to give back to each individual that walks through our doors, ensuring that they receive only a welcoming and positive experience.

Scalp Kings aim is to change peoples lives for the better as they will leave us feeling renewed, empowered and confident once again.

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